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2019 Fall message from the President (Todd Archibald)

This has been one of our best summers ever. We have had a vibrant house league season, a fantastic tournament schedule in August and September, and have had very competitive intercounty teams at the A,B, C and Over 55 levels. The tennis has been fantastic and the level of enthusiasm from our club members has been contagious. We are privileged to have such a wonderful club in our beautiful ravine setting. Best of all, unlike last summer, the rain has largely stayed away.

Special thanks goes out to all of our intercounty captains - Martin Gula, CJ Body who took on the A team, Gang Zeng and Jan Pastoriza for the B team, Rob Inglis and Philippa Sutcliffe for the C team and Pam Dinardo and Diana Suskin for the Over 55 team and Ladies team. We also started a ladies Monday morning league which was very successful thanks to Diana and Pam. Our vice president Paul Trinh along with Mohammad Abid has enthusiastically overseen the operation of our intercounty teams. Our other vice president Graeme Kerr has done an able job in overseeing our social activities including our very successful Canada Day celebration and round robins.

As I write this note, the club championship tournaments have begun. They have been organized extremely well by our tournament director Mohammad Abid. Many of our club members are playing in the various tournaments and our tournaments have become a centerpiece in our club’s social activities.

Our house league has once again been very popular and extremely successful on Mondays and Wednesday nights. Special thanks go out to Margaret Dunn, our new house league director, who has done a terrific job in organizing this very important activity.

Our club house and grounds are in great shape thanks to our property directors – Duncan McPherson, Oliver Peng , Roman Tsonev and Athos Battison. All of our events have been advertised on a timely and regular basis thanks to Shane Miskin, our publicity director, and Martin Gula, our director responsible for our website.

I would also like to thank our club’s head instructor, Jason Handelsman, for running a first rate summer camp and Junior program this year. Jason is an amazing tennis instructor and educator. We are privileged to have his talents at our club. He and his assistant instructors have done an outstanding job at our club. We are delighted to know that Jason will be back next year.

Our membership director, Cecilia Inglis, has once again done a terrific job in keeping us organized. Membership is a demanding responsibility and Cecilia has been very able. Philippa Sutcliffe has also done a great job as treasurer in keeping our financial house in great order.

All of the members of our executive and our house league captains are deeply committed to our club. I would like to thank all them for their enthusiasm and vision in leading our first class club. Their hard work and leadership have inspired me.

Our fall AGM will be held on Thursday, September 27 at 7 PM at the clubhouse. We are always looking for new volunteers to join in the executive or to become a house league Capt. If you are interested, please let one of the members of the executive know and you will be invited to join us.

Todd Archibald

Gwendolen Park Tennis Club - Welcome to the New Tennis Season

We’re a small, friendly tennis club situated in a quiet corner of North Toronto,
with four well-equipped and maintained courts, plus a practice court,
and our own clubhouse with kitchen and washroom facilities.

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Our Club Highlights

  • Four courts (with brand new lights!)
  • House league on two nights
  • 4 Inter-County teams - From C team to A team and Over 55+ team
  • Advanced junior programs
  • Adult and junior tennis lessons and clinics
  • Social events (included in membership)
  • 3+ tennis pros