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We are here for you providing the best service and coaching dedicated to your level of play. Please don’t hesitate to contact our head pro Kooros Ghasemi for further information and questions.


Tennis pro and his assistants will offer a wide range of adult/junior lessons, starting from individual private lessons and semi-private lessons.

1000 ball drill

This year we are offering a 1000 ball drill, which is a fun cardio tennis exercise, that really gets your heart rate pumping and you have many opportunity to hit many balls.


We will also offer group lessons with a coach to layer ratio of 4:1 that will help you improve your tennis and socialize with other members of our club.

More information

Techniques and strategy sessions are offered through lessons/clinics that incorporate the following themes:

Groundstrokes & Volleys - Consistency and ball control is the primary focus of this clinic. Developing reliable ground-strokes and volleys becomes essential to the concept of rallying.

Game-Style and Double Positioning - Styles of play and shot sequencing are the main theme of this class. Discover and develop new ways to improve your game-style and understanding of where to be located on the court during doubles play.

Movement & Positioning - Movement and court positioning are the main subjects of this session. Understanding how to recover and where to go at any given time is essential to become a better player.

Spins and Angles - How to put spin, angle a ball away from your opponent, change a ball's trajectory will be some of the topics discussed in this class.

Offensive Plays - Whether you wanted to be a net rusher or an aggressive baseliner, offensive clinics will show you how to devise a plan to become a more effective aggressor.

Defensive Plays - As we all know your best offense is defense. Whether you want to counter punch, use a deep slice or an effective lob. We will show you how to use better defensive tactics.