Ages and Skills Levels

Students may be moved up to higher level if student has previous tennis experience and
can exhibit ability to play with older age group.Junior Levels

Tennis Tots

Age Racket Length Description
5-6 years 19” to 21” A fun-filled class to introduce racquet skills and coordination to children. Smaller racquets, foam balls and a mini net will be used for this class. Parents are encouraged to sit back, relax and watch their children learn the sport of tennis.

Young SmashersJunior Levels

Age Racket Length Description
7-9 years/
8-10 years
21” to 23”/
23” to 25”
An introduction to or continuation of fundamental skills for children aged 7-9 years. 21” to 23” racquets, foam and/or “red” balls and mini net will be used in this class. Fun-filled games and training the fundamentals for children aged 8 to 10 years. Introduction to rally skills will be taught. 23” to 25” racquets, stage 2 balls (low compression).


Junior Levels
Age Racket Length Description
10-14 years 23” to 26” Fun, exercise and training the basic skills of tennis for kids from 10 to 14 years of age*. 23” to 26” racquets, stage 3 balls (low compression) and a full-sized court will be used in this class. Rally drills will be introduced after stroke demonstration to help build stroke awareness and rally strategy.