Club History

Our club was established in 1973 by city of North York and neighborhood community.

Year President Year President
2010-2023 Todd Archibald 1987 Clifford Jansen
2008-2009 Jan Pastoriza 1985-1986 Rita Pieroni
2004-2007 Todd Archibald 1984 Brian Stewart
2002-2003 Josef Poncelet 1982-1983 Mike Wills
1998-2001 Tony Cribbin 1981 Leslie Tabor
1995-1997 Larry Carr 1980 Lynne Stoyan
1991-1994 Rita Pieroni 1979 Dave Mackenzie/Tom Manol
1990 Philip Kho 1977-1978 Hilary Baisley
1989 Murray Wray 1976 Eleanor Cameron
1988 Brian Stewart 1974-1975 Las Toth

Club Awards

Outstanding Contributor

To acknowledge exceptional long term members that have contributed significantly to our club over more than 3 years.

Year Name  
2018 Oliver Peng Oliver has been an extremely dedicated member of our club for many years. He has been a house league captain and and an intercounty captain. For the last 5 years, he has been a property director and has worked tirelessly on behalf of our club. He is an enthusiastic and committed leader of our club. He is a very deserved recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.
2017 Steve Mullins Steve Mullins was HL captain for 5 years and HL director for 3 straight years. He has showed terrific leadership in directing our house league on Both Monday and Wednesday nights. He was an enthusiastic and committed member of our executive. He also assisted in many of our summer socials
2016 Ellen MacGrath Ellen MacGrath has been club secretary of our executive board for the past 5 years. She has worked tirelessly on our board and on many issues that has been its conscience. She has been active volunteer and supporter of club social events.
2015 Paul Trinh Paul Trinh has been a VP of of our club for a number of years and has been actively involved in the ICTA leagues. He has overseen the Intercounty teams since their inception and has worked extensively on the Junior Development Programme. He has been an extremely active contributor to our executive. Paul is a very dedicated and enthusiastic member of Gwendolen and is richly deserving of the 2015 Outstanding Contributors Award.
2014 Peter Paoli Peter Paoli has done an outstanding job over the years in liaising with the City on a number of important projects including the upgrade on all of our lights and our sitting/picnic area. He has worked tirelessly on our behalf.
2013 Mohammad Abid Mohammad Abid has been active member of our club for many years, including co-captain of the C team and being Intercounty coordinator. Mohammad has also been our Tournament director for a number of years.
2012 Donna Vanier Donna Vanier has worked tirelessly for the club for many years. In recent years, she has taken on the important roles of assistant property director and then property director. We have all benefited from her vision and committment to our club
2012 Sharon Parker Sharon Parker has been a longstanding active member of our club both as a house league captain and more recently as Director of House League. She has been an enthusuastic and hardworking member of our club executive.

Volunteer of the Year

To acknowledge exceptional contributions from a individual who has rised significantly above the norm in a particular year.

Year Name  
2016 Philippa Sutcliffe Philippa Sutcliffe has been an extraordinary treasurer over the past 3 years and kept our financial house in terrific order.
2015 Neil Zeidenberg Neil Zeidenberg is the 2015 Volunteer of the Year for being an excellent house captain for the past 4 years in house League. Neil is an enthusiastic and energetic captain who leads by example. His teams always have fun and his players are committed.Neil is tireless in his support of house league.
2014 Cecilia Inglis Cecilia Inglis has been thorough and diligent this year in getting our membership records and fees in order. Membership is an extremely important portfolio. Cecilia stepped up to fulfill this directorship in a masterful manner.
2013 Gord Sommerville &
Duncan MacPherson
For tremendous work around our clubhouse and grounds as Co-Directors of Property.
2012 Martin Gula Martin Gula has been an active member of our club for 7 years. He's built our website/database, created online registration/payment system, house league scheduling system and many more other online features. He was a very deserving recipient of our inaugural award.
2011 Jack Litner Jack Litner has been an active member of our club for more than two decades. He also was on our exec for many years including a five year term as treasurer. He has been a house league captain for the past 10 years. He was a very deserving recipient of Volunteer of the Year in its second year.
2010 Kathy Tyndale Kathy Tyndale has been a member of the exec for the last 10 years.She has held a number of significant portfolios including publicity and the VP. She has been a stalwart and enthusiastic member of the exec and also is an excellent tennis player. She was a very deserving recipient of our inaugural award.